The TYPO3Buddy website is one big manual which explains how to rebuild the TYPO3Buddy website, with the TYPO3 CMS. Set up by ROAK Media to make developing with TYPO3 more easy. You start on the front page, work your way through the page menu until you have a working copy of TYPO3Buddy!

Do you want a perfectly readable manual for your own project? Or you don’t want to develop a website yourself, but you DO want a TYPO3 website? Get in touch with us.

Visit the website: https://typo3buddy.com

DOS Gamers

Retro games are hot! DOSGamers.com is a website for gamers who grew up with DOS games. The website is loaded with manuals for existing software with which you can play those super cool games from the past on your computer today. Retro gaming doesn’t stop at DOS. What about the Atari 2600? The Commodore 64? NES? SEGA Genesis? It’s all there.

ROAK Media delivers the content, and maintains the website and its social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. In search for content delivery? Contact us.

Visit the website: https://www.dosgamers.com


Portrait and advertising photographer Walter Verwaal from Duiven, Gelderland tells your story with compelling photos. Whether it’s a personal story, or a business speech, Fotic is the right choice. Fotic is also trusted Google photographer for 360 degrees business presentations.

ROAK Media has set up the website and provides hosting for Fotic.

Visit the website: https://fotic.nl